Online booking system WebSky

The Е-commerce system for the airlines WebSky is a technological, efficient and modern solution. It allows the airline to reach a new level of development, providing its passengers with a convenient and simple ticket purchase tool, adapted for various mobile devices.

The WebSky toolkit allows an air carrier to provide all the current processes for selling air tickets and additional services on the site, solves the problems of long-term cooperation with its customers using the system's capabilities in particular the program for frequent flyers. There are also such services available as informing passengers about accumulation of miles, issuing of loyalty tickets.

Using the online system WebSky, the airline provides passengers with the necessary additional services, increasing the revenue from the direct sales channel on its own website. The system allows you to organize as the sale of the most popular services - seats in the cabin, baggage, meal, passenger insurance, as the sale of less demanded in the market services, but relevant for your airline.

WebSky solved one of the most urgent problems - the sale of branded tariffs. This allows the airline to differentiate offers and inform the passenger about the benefits of the tariff families. The system provides setting of tariff combinations from different brands and managing the cost of additional services for each brand separately.

The ticket refund and exchange is available for the passenger on-line, as the WebSky service allows you to automate most secondary transactions.

Among the advantages of WebSky is the option of online check-in, which increases the level of customer service. The module is integrated with DCS and allows the passenger, if necessary, to book additional services such as baggage, meals, transfer, etc.

The number of available payment services includes: payments by bank payment cards of the actual payment systems, such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, MIR, Union Pay, American Express, Diners Club. Payment is also available through e-wallets, etc.

Sirena-Travel CJSC offers implementation of the WEBSKY system in a short time based on a specially developed detailed work plan for the launch of this project.

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