NDC Platform (Sirena NDC Platform)
NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a new data exchange standard developed by IATA to facilitate communication between airlines and agencies.

This is the airline's new philosophy of commerce, pushing carrier sales to fundamentally new levels of profitability.

The new distribution model modernizes the airlines' business through a radical change in the distribution system, the formation of service offers on the side of the carrier using dynamic pricing tools and personalized offers for passengers.

In 2019, Sirena became the first Russian company to receive IATA certificates confirming the status of NDC IT provider and NDC level 4 aggregator.

More offers
NDC capabilities allow passengers to provide the entire range of carrier services, including branded fares, an unlimited list of additional services and arbitrary packages of additional services.

More income
Dynamic pricing tools will allow you to accurately and in real time manage the cost of offers for an arbitrary set of carrier services, taking into account the current demand through various sales channels, providing additional income.

More personalization
NDC provides airlines with the opportunity to make the most personalized offers based on the collected information about passenger preferences, loyalty level, the history of the relationship between the client and the carrier.

The NDC platform fully supports the interaction of the carrier with the sellers according to the IATA NDC standard, providing processes for providing complete information about the carrier's service offers, their sale and issuing and the execution of secondary operations. The entire cycle of the implementation of services of airlines using the Leo PSS system is provided.

List of functionalities:
  • Search for transportation offers and additional services;
  • Getting additional services with prices;
  • Offer evaluation;
  • Order creating;
  • Service booking;
  • Issuing of services;
  • Calling a previously created order for modification;
  • Orders searching;
  • Search for new offers to a previously created order;
  • Making changes to the order;
  • Cancellations;
  • Return of order;
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