Loyalty management system "Loyalty"

«Loyalty» is a modern and high-tech solution in order to build and sustain loyalty to airlines among frequent fliers and frequent selling ticket agents as well as among corporate customers. The system allows airlines to influence customer flight decision-making by encouraging customers and ticket agents’ loyalty in order to maximize flight revenues.

Loyalty system enables airlines to attract new and retain existing customers, improve service quality and meet market requirements.

Loyalty system collects all data about a customer's, what help to create a current loyalty program, effective affiliate programs.

Keeping record of service users, setting up personal user parameters, customization of applications for the end-user, interaction with frequent flyers systems of airlines.

Distinctiveness of  such actions allows airline to be more successful on the competitive market, to increase profits including the selling of additional services.

Main functions «Loyalty» system includes:
  • Creation, support, and flexible modification of business rules in accordance with airline requirements to loyalty program;
  • Program member profiles storage and their updating;
  • Earn and redeem points / miles / points, monitoring of participation level;
  • Following membership activities;
  • Action advertising and marketing;
  • Reporting, required for management and case analysis, users activity and affiliate programs;
  • Different levels of access to the system, including personal cabinet access for a customer;
  • Information letter to memberships, depending on the objectives, target audience and activity in the program.
«Loyalty» system enables airlines to offer customers the most personalized service and to be more customer-centric.
For all questions concerning installation and operating of "Loyalty" system please contact:

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