"ETS" Electronic Ticketing Server

In view of IATA's decision to introduce e-ticketing from 1 January 2008, Russian airlines and agents implemented e-ticketing. Electronic Ticket is a method todocument the sale and track usage of passenger transportation.

The issuing airline, whose accounting code is displayed in electronic transmission on flight coupons (validating carrier), authorizes and controls e-ticketing, stores all e-ticketing transactions in database.

E-ticketing transaction data are sending over Edifact standardsand are stored in accordance with the IATA standard (resolution 722g). E-ticket data may be accessed in real time for at least 13 months from the date of issue.

E-ticketing server is designed in accordance with IATA resolutions № 722f/722g/722h/724/735d and supports all data exchange standards, EDIFACT telegrams processing, data storage requirements.

The main function ETS 2000:
  • - Authorization and control of e-ticketing;
  • - Storage of all e-ticketing transaction in data;
  • - Creating and updating of referenced data;
  • - User access management for database;
  • - Reservation and registration adjustments;
  • - E-ticket search;
  • - Flight coupon history reporting;
  • - Statistical data acquisition and reporting.

User interface ETS 2000 - graphic terminal resource management "Sirena-2000" (GUI).

Connection to the service
In order to connect to Electronic Ticket Server (ETS) you need to sign an Agreement.

To require the contract draft contact Sirena-Travel contracts department:
Tel.: +7 (495) 940-61-40,
Fax: +7(495) 782-01-54(64),
E-mail: ivanova@sirena-travel.ru
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