B2B web-system NEMO

NEMO B2B is a user interface that provides access to Siren-Travel GDS reservation system for the sale of aviation and railway transportation.

There is also access to the Travelport (Galileo) booking system for the sale of air tickets of foreign carriers, the list of which is published under the link.

Functional NEMO B2B allows you to perform search queries of aviation content:

  • search by specific dates and by calendar,
  • search by flight schedule
  • search for simple and complex compound flights
  • search for specific and neighboring departure / arrival airports
  • search for tariffs for different categories of passengers (adults, children, babies, elderly, youth, etc.)
  • search by different booking classes
  • parallel search economy + business, direct + transfer
  • search with additional preferences

The result of the flight search is displayed in visual form in the grouped form. The functions for sorting and filtering the results data are available.

It is also possible to display the flights in a tabular form. For additional information the system allocates important information (transfer, interlining, terminal change, etc.):

  • Tile or list presentation
  • Changeable sorting of results
  • Fast dynamic results filters with the ability to instantly recalculate prices
  • Comparison table of flights
  • Built-in form of changing search criteria
  • The functionality of choosing the best combination of flights
  • Display results in any currency
  • List of flights from recommended airlines
  • Information about the seats availability, long interlining, terminal changes, arrivals on the next day

Access to railway content in NEMO B2B provides the agency with complete information on available trains for booking, time of departure and arrival, travel time; access to a detailed travel schedule with all stops.

The system displays the sign of electronic registration on the train and informs about special conditions of travel. A wagon scheme is also available.

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