Airlines session

Session in  Sirena-Travel GDS  it’s a screen in the reservation system, which enables  agency operator to reserve a seat and automatic TCH, BSP or airline E-Ticket issuing.

Agency operators can book and issue tickets in  Sirena-Travel GDS in different sessions. The session in Sirena-Travel GDS  allows the agency to proceed  ticket direct sales of certain  airline, providing that there is a current agreement between  agency and airline.

Technologically operating with Sirena-Travel GDS means operator authorization before the booking beginning in any of the mentioned above sessions by special request.

For example:
W - Function designator
U6 – Owner airline ticket code 
99GRS – Agency code
0001 - Agent number 
U699GRS0001 - Agent identifier.
1234ABCD - Agent password

In signing the Agency Agreement,  Sirena-Travel CJSC offers a range of terminals, from which the agent can choose technology addresses, and needs to send requests for description (registration) in the required session to the appropriate accrediting organization: TCH, BSP or Airlines.

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