Terminal Sirena-Travel GDS for agencies

Terminal emulator of Sirena-Travel global distribution system - the software component described in a global distribution system Sirena-Travel under the unique operation address, provides in automatic mode access to airline seats resources, hosted in the air transportation booking center, by entering specialized query commands.

Sirena-Travel global distribution system (GDS) is a network of software and hardware connected to the airlines' inventory systems (Sirena-2000, Sirena-2.3, Gabriel, Sabre, or Amadeus) thus providing a ‘neutral’ display of data on flight schedules, flight availability and tariffs, and allowing travel agencies - to book air transportations of a great number of Russian and international airlines.

Besides, Sirena-Travel GDS provides solutions for the following objectives:
  • design a ‘neutral’ interface;
  • standardize the automated booking procedures;
  • simplify the management of airlines, seat resources and fares;
  • simplify the techniques and methods technology of air transportation arrangements;
  • raise the efficiency of settlement payment procedure for air transportation services

Sirena-Travel is a sole accredited by TCH (Transport Clearing House) and IATA BSP automatic distribution system. Its functional characteristics meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirements for distributive systems, conform to the operation standards of the leading GDS taking into account the needs and distinguishing features of Russian and CIS air transport market. Sirena-Travel GDS operation is based on the international standards for integration with the world travel and tourism infrastructure.

Sirena-Travel GDS:
  • enables seats reservations and tickets issuing at any terminal for both agents of the contracting and non-contracting airlines, irrespective of the data transfer network the terminal is connected to;
  • collects and stores the information on flight schedules, seats availability, fares and terms of their application for airlines in Russia and CIS. This data is automatically maintained in Sirena-2000 reservation centers;
  • compiles archive of all procedures, which enables the agents to use the data for writing reports, organizing settlement payments between agencies and airlines, Sirena-Travel GDS and reservation centers of relevant airlines;
On the basis of stored information Sirena-Travel creates a “neutral” screen, which determines the next order of the flights of all airlines in Russia and CIS:
  • depending on the number of landings between origination and destination points (non-stop, transfer and connection flights);
  • according to the time of departure;
  • enables interactive method of reservation and  ticketing of airlines which store their resource in other inventory systems Gabriel, Amadeus, Sabre etc.
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Support is provided to contractors and cashiers only.

Passengers are required to contact the (online) agency where they purchased their tickets.
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