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Sirena-Travel JSC is a leading Russian distribution system and provider of technology solutions for the participants of the tourism industry: travel agencies, airlines and airports. Besides, the company operates the subsystems of sports and entertainment events ticket booking (e.g. football match of Premier League), rail carrier, insurance and MTPL policies sales.

The company operates Sirena-Travel GDS, the distribution system. More than 18 000 terminals of travel agencies and airlines are connected to Sirena-Travel GDS through 7000 air tickets sales locations in Russia, CIS and abroad,ensuring flight reservations and sales of nearly 500 agencies.

Sirena-Travel JSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of the Transport Clearing House (TCH *), forms of airlines and in the international standard form BSP **.

Sirena-Travel GDS provides the access to the resources of all Russian and CIS air carriers and airlines with scheduled flights.

Besides, there are a lot of additional solutions, Sirena-Travel JSC offers to travel industry professionals: online booking and ticket sales, including sales through the web sites of travel agencies and airlines, statistics services, sub-agency network management and more.

Of particular interest is selling of non-aviation services: issuance of insurance policies "Alfa Insurance", "Aeroexpress" tickets and train tickets.

The main priority of Sirena-Travel JSC is providing of high quality services for all the major participants of the aviation market. Sirena-Travel GDS offers to airlines a wide range of solutions for the following objectives: the control of seat recourses and passengers'loyalty, revenue system management, aircraft fleet management.

For airports the Automated Departure Control System (DCS) Astra was designed, which is installed nowadays in more than 150 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad.

There is a customer’s service supported by technological and technical call-centers (works 24 hours), specialized departments for airlines, airports and agencies, which is advising you on all your products, services and solutions.

* The Transport Clearing House has been established by the airlines of Russia and CIS under regulatory instruments of the Department of Air Transport (DAT) of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with the cornerstone mission of ensuring revenue settlement among carriers and agencies in the transitional market environment.
** BSP is a system designed to facilitate and to simplify the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents, as well as to improve financial control and cash flow for BSP Airlines.

The mission of Sirena-Travel JSC to be a reliable supplier of technology solutions for the travel and aviation market. The company provides:
  • Society and business with quality solutions for the travel arrangements, participation in creating of  industry standards, realization of end customers wishes in aviation and travel services.
  • Customers with offer a new useful technologies technological solutions for choosing, acquisition and organization of travel and related services, taking into account the actual trends in the world tourism and aviation industry.
  • Partners with business effectivization, long-term relationships building and supporting during the cooperation.
  • Staff with a conditions for career and professional development, continuous personal growth in a  like-minded team, encourage individual contribution of each team member.
  • Shareholders by implementation of tasks and with income from investments.
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