Kiosk application of registration system "Astra", developed by CJSC Sirena-Travel, is certified for operation with IER CUSS-platform.

Sirena-Travel CJSC received a certificate of compatibility of self check-in kiosks  for passengers and baggage registration system (DCS) Astra with IER CUSS- platform. It should be noted,  that  there are no similar domestic developments in Russia. 

CUSS stands for Common Use Self-Service. It is a shared kiosk offering convenient passenger check-in whilst allowing multiple airlines to maintain branding and functionality. As kiosks can be located throughout the airport, congestion is alleviated and passenger flow improved.

Earlier kiosk application  DCS "Astra" was also certified for operation with CUSS-platform SITA. The new multi-companies version of Astra DCS (Departure Control System)  allows airports to provide the passengers check-in service for flights of airlines , serving at the airport  the  "Astra"  DCS, without  installation of check-in kiosk application for each airlines.

The new, multi-companies Astra DCS application provides the possibility to identify the passenger by different methods. In particular, it has implemented a functional readout for 2D-codes on the itinerary receipt or on the boarding pass. Besides, there are extended languages settings - 2 languages ​​(automatically - Russian and English) ,  4 languages (optionally) - at the choice of airline.

After the completion of the certification, which will be confirmed by the global release of SITA, in each airport, where  are SITA CUSS  kiosks installed and arrangements of flights are proceeded in DCS Astra, airlines can be connected to the kiosks through a new multi-companies version of "Astra".

Automated Departure Control System (DCS) Astra is installed nowadays in more than 160 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad. In Astra DCS are registered:  passengers and baggage of more than  70 airlines, more than 2 million passengers per month (about 70 thousand passengers, 750 flights per day). The average time of registration procedure of one passenger and baggage in Astra DCS is 20-25 seconds.  Astra DCS supports 5 platforms (Ultra Electronics UltraCUSE, SITA CUTE, ARINC iMUSE, RESA CREWS, AirIT EASE), platforms CUSS (SITA). As well APIS- support for Russia , Europe (CzechRepublic , Spain , Lithuania , Germany , Italy , Latvia , Estonia) and Asia (China , India). 

Astra DCS  supports Drop Off, automatic interaction with weights, baggage sorting systems. The system has links to software systems and services of airports. The system meets all requirements and standards of IATA.
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