Airline "IrAero" starts operating revenue management systems Sirena.Revenue

Airline "IrAero" launched into commercial operation revenue management system Sirena.Revenue - one of the solution of  "Sirena-Travel" for airlines. After the adaptation of the system to business processes and commercial purpose  of "IrAero" the solution was put into operation - in automatic control mode.

The airline " IrAero " marked already  a number of advantages of Sirena.Revenue. According to company management and specialists of the carrier, the system allows airlines to save "precious " time of technologists,  to focus on the "problem" flights - those where demand far exceeds supply or the flight loading is less  than expected. 

Revenue system also allows to earn additional income when flights are performed during the  long period. Automated Monitoring system of quotations of the competing companies minimize airlines risks and also saves time resource that was previously spent on the implementation of these operations manually.

Seasonal forecast in the system is one of the important advantages Sirena.Revenue, especially valuable for " IrAero " with account of exploitation in the park carrier aircraft with a seats capacity of no more than 50-70 places, for which the system provides the optimal occupancy.
On routes served by " IrAero " usually presented to 6-7 alternative carriers , which significantly increases the level of competition for passengers and what requires serious , thoughtful efforts to gain the customers. During the first days of commercial operation Sirena.Revenue system provides " IrAero "timely offer an optimal air transportation on " desired" costs for the carrier as well as for the passenger. That  secure “IrAero " the forecast of flights loading, what is relevant in conditions of high competition in the region.

Sirena.Revenue is a modern segment-oriented Revenue Management System for airlines, «Revenue (or Yield) Management System» (RMS). This is one of the most relevant and flexible management systems, which considerate the best practices of forecasting and optimization. That allows airlines to be more competitive, to be sensitive to any minor market changes, to evaluate the general tendency and to planlong-term development strategy.

Besides  Sirena.Revenue "IrAero" successfully applies for distribution and service of air transportation other technical solutions of JSC "Sirena-Travel": hosts their seats resource locations in inventory system "Sirena-2000", uses global distribution system "Sirena-Travel", proceeds the check-in of passengers and luggage through the departure control system" Astra "(DCS).

Sirena -Travel CJSC (www.sirena-travel.comis a leading  Russian provider  of complex solutions for distribution of  air transportation. 
Solutions of "Sirena-Travel" are used by more than 200 airlines, 500 agencies (excluding sub-agency networks), 160 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad. More than 19 000 terminals of travel agencies and airlines are connected to Sirena-Travel GDS  through 7000 air tickets sales locations in Russia, CIS and abroad. "Sirena-Travel" is IATA Strategic Partner. Sirena-Travel CJSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of Transport Clearing House (TCH*) and has IATA certification for BSP Russia, Ukraine , Germany.

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