From Russia to Germany with airline ORENAIR. Flights in "Sirena- Travel" GDS.

Airline ORENAIR started tickets sales in " Sirena-Travel " GDS on regular direct flights to Germany from Barnaul , Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk.

         Barnaul - Dusseldorf - Barnaul from June 16 on  Mondays;
NEW: Barnaul - Hanover - Barnaul  from 13 June - on Fridays;
NEW: Moscow - Hanover - Yekaterinburg from 03 June - on Tuesdays;
         Orenburg - Dusseldorf - Orenburg  from 17 May - on Saturdays;
         Omsk - Dusseldorf - Omsk from May 17 - on Saturdays, and from May 30 on Fridays and Saturdays;
         Omsk - Hanover - Omsk from May 18 - on Sundays, and from June 12 on Thursdays and Sundays;
NEW: Chelyabinsk - Munich - Chelyabinsk from 06 June - on Fridays;
NEW: Chelyabinsk - Dusseldorf - Chelyabinsk from 15 June - on Sundays;
NEW: Novosibirsk - Hanover - Novosibirsk from 07 June - on Saturdays.

Airline ORENAIR together with the German railway "Deutsche Bahn"  offers to the passengers Rail & Fly service - combined air and rail transportation. The issuing of the tickets is available through the terminals "Sirena-Travel." Information and instructions for the service is on the official airline website  in the section for agents

Sirena Travel

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