The airline "Somon Air" concludes an agreement on implementing of Revenue management systems Sirena.Revenue

The airline "Somon Air", the first private airline in Tajikistan, signed with "Sirena-Travel", Russia's leading provider of integrated solutions for air distribution, the contract for the implementation of revenue management  system Sirena.Revenue.

Sirena.Revenueis a modern segment-oriented Revenue Management System for airlines, «Revenue (or Yield) Management System» (RMS). Revenue management techniques are an optimization model based on forecasting of demand for a segment of market and targeted to determine the optimal pricing policy. Revenue management is a system demand forecasting methods and price optimization techniques.

Sirena.Revenue provides the maximization of airlines' revenues from sales of air tickets by calculating the optimal sales limits for each booking class. Sirena.Revenue enables to decrease operational costs of airlines by reducing  required recourses. This is one of the most relevant and flexible management systems, which considerate the best practices of forecasting and optimization. The airline can focus on the most profitable destinations and flights and to reduce temporary routine costs. 

To date, the contracts to Sirena.Revenue were signed by several air carriers in Russia and the CIS.

About Somon Air Airlines.

Somon Air (, IATA code "SZ", earlier "4J") is the first private airline in Tajikistan. The airline started operating on February 5, 2008 with regular flights to Moscow and Dubai.  At present, the airline operates flights to more, than 20 destinations.  Somon Air has a modern fleet and in line with its strategic policy is rapidly expanding the airline's flight network.

About Sirena-Travel CJSC.

Sirena-Travel CJSC a leading Russian distribution system and provider of technology solutions for the participants of the tourism industry.Sirena-Travel CJSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of Transport Clearing House (TCH*), forms of airlines and in international standard form BSP. Sirena-Travel GDS offers to airlines a wide range of solutions for the following objectives: the control of seat recourses and passengers'loyalty, revenue system management, aircraft fleet management.  Automated Departure Control System (DCS) Astra is installed nowadays in more than 150 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad.
Sirena-Travel CJSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of Transport Clearing House (TCH*) and has IATA certification for BSP Russia, Ukraine ,  Germany.

Sirena Travel

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