Atlasjet Airlines launches e-ticketing in "Sirena-Travel" GDS on their own forms in TCH session

Turkish Airlines “Atlasjet “ (Atlasjet Havacilik A.S, IATA code "KK") has launched e-ticketing on their flights through the terminals and web services  "Sirena-Travel" GDS.  The project has provided technical link between the electronic tickets server of Atlasjet Airlines and  "Sirena-Travel" GDS. 

Earlier, the airline has already implemented the distribution of air transportation through an extensive network of agents "Sirena-Travel" in Russia and the CIS - through the interline partner of air carrier. Under a new agreement signed Atlasjet Airlines enables to expand the distribution of its flights on their own forms through the whole network of sales agents "Sirena-Travel" accredited in TCH.

The airline serves a number of routes, that are in demand in Russia and the CIS countries. In particular: Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia. New implemented distribution opportunities allows Atlasjet Airlines increase the volume of bookings in Russia and the CIS. Domestic tourists became a direct access to an extensive route network.

The leading Russian Global Distribution System  “Sirena-Travel» annually provides  sales of more than 35 million passengers segments. 
More than 18 000 terminals of travel agencies and airlines are connected to Sirena-Travel GDS through 7000 air tickets sales locations in Russia, CIS and abroad, ensuring nearly 500 agencies flight reservations and sales. 
"Sirena-Travel" GDS hosts the recources  of all airlines in Russia and the CIS and more than 90 foreign carriers. Today, due to integration of new modern high-tech solutions "Sirena -Travel " and Travelport project provides the sales in the  Sirena- Travel GDS  flights  of more than 375 international airlines.
It should be noted that the "Sirena-Travel" implemented over 100 similar technical links with airlines in Russia, CIS and abroad.

About Atlasjet Airlines.

Atlasjet  ( is an airline headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey,which operates scheduled domestic and international passenger services as well as charter flights, mostly out of its base at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The airline was established on 14 March 2001. The route network covers Israel, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus. Considerable attention is paid to the high airline's customer service. In 2012 Atlasjet Airlines transported 4.000.000 passengers. At the end of 2013 the airline plans to increase the volume of passenger traffic by 25%.

About Sirena-Travel CJSC.

Sirena-Travel CJSC a leading Russian distribution system and provider of technology solutions for the participants of the tourism industry.Sirena-Travel CJSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of Transport Clearing House (TCH*), forms of airlines and in international standard form BSP. Sirena-Travel GDS offers to airlines a wide range of solutions for the following objectives: the control of seat recourses and passengers'loyalty, revenue system management, aircraft fleet management.  Automated Departure Control System (DCS) Astra is installed nowadays in more than 150 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad.

Sirena Travel

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