Sirena-Travel CJSC has implemented EMD issuing for JSC "Nordavia – regional airlines".

Sirena-Travel CJSC, leading Russian provider of complex technology solutions for distribution of air transportation, implemented EMD issuing for JSC "Nordavia – regional airlines” in its own session of multipurpose electronic documents (EMD - Electronic Miscellaneous Document) type" S "- EMD-S. At the moment, the trial version of functional EMD-S for "Nordavia" is available in  "Sirena-Travel" GDS. 

The airline " Nordavia " has a large network of sales offices and offices of authorized agents in Syktyvkar , Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Severodvinsk , St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities in Russia. In view of the active development of online sales airline needed a solution that would allow agents to arrange the selling in Sirena –Travel GDS of supplementary services in electronic format. 

Due the implementation of  EMD-S,  "Nordavia "  airline will get a number of advantages: the lifting of restrictions on electronic sales , accelerate and simplify the technology processes of agencies, improving the accuracy of settlements with them. Besides,  the implementation of EMD will provide " Nordavia " a universal mechanism for registration of supplementary services / fees, as well as eliminating the costs for transportation and for storage of accounting forms.

An electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) a universal solution to handling ancillary fees, simplifies technology processes for participants of air carries market. At the present time Sirena Travel GDS issues EMD-S (EMD Standalone). EMD-S is used independent of an e-ticket, the documents is issued und used regardless of the flight segment.

To date for the airline "Nordavia" is also performed a pilot operation of the functional EMD-A. After  EMD-A will put into commercial operation, "Nordavia" plans to expand services on its own network and agency offices and on other distributive network as well.
EMD-A (associated) - the associated EMD is issued for services directly linked to a flight coupon, for example excess baggage or a seat reservation, and the status of both coupons is synchronized.
«Nordavia – Regional Airlines» is one of the top ten Russian airlines and member of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), performs regular and charter flights under code "5N" in more than 30 Russian and foreign airports.
"Nordavia" has a leading position on the market for passenger air transportation in the North-West of Russia. The airline is operating air services on the domestic destinations and actively develops its route network in other regions. Airline annually transports more than 860,000 passengers. Since 2011,  "Nordavia" is a member of IATA. In 2013, "Nordavia" successfully passed regular recertification audit of IOSA.
Sirena -Travel CJSC  (www.sirena-travel.comis a leading  Russian provider  of complex solutions for distribution of  air transportation. 
Solutions of "Sirena-Travel" are used by more than 175 airlines, 500 agencies (excluding sub-agency networks), 160 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad. More than 18 000 terminals of travel agencies and airlines are connected to Sirena-Travel GDS through 7000 air tickets sales locations in Russia, CIS and abroad, ensuring nearly 500 agencies flight reservations and sales. "Sirena-Travel" is IATA Strategic Partner.
Sirena-Travel CJSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of Transport Clearing House (TCH*) and has IATA certification for BSP Russia, Ukraine ,  Germany .

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