Sirena-Travel CJSC took part in the ATPCO 2013 Global Conference

Sirena-Travel CJSC, leading provider of complex technology solutions for distribution of air transportation, participated in the ATPCO 2013 Global Conference ((The Airline Tariff Publishing Company), which was held October 14-17 in Washington, USA.

The conference was devoted to the development of ATRCO, includes informative seminars, interactive sessions on products, discussions and round tables.
As part of the study of new products for the travel industry, the ATRCO participants,  airlines and their technology partners, had the opportunity to interact directly and exchange ideas with each other.

At the session on the consolidation of products and services experts  of "Sirena-Travel" took part in the discussion of  practical questions and suggestions of air carriers to improve the specific parameters , affected on the distribution organization of tariff information - time formats, rules, tariff management, different categories,  optimization regulations, etc.

Besides, the experts  of "Sirena-Travel" took part in a special meeting GDS, in which was presented and discussed the ATPCO work plan (for the years 2013-2015) to modify the existing data processing.

Participation in the Global Conference ATPCO allowed Sirena -Travel  CJSC to get the actual information on tariffs and fees changes.
The company  “Sirena-Travel” took part in the discussion of new initiatives ATPCO and air carriers , get an opportunity to make the necessary changes in own procedure of ATPCO tariff information processing. Specialists of "Sirena -Travel " consulted and exchanged ideas with leaders of tariff departments of leading Russian airlines, regional representative of ATPCO.
The attendance of the global conference ATPCO in 2013 was comparable to the same event in 2012, when at the conference took part more than 180 delegates.
ATPCO (The Airline Tariff Publishing Company - - an organization founded in 1965 by the airlines in order to develop an effective process of consolidation and distribution of air fares for air transportation. ATPCO offers a multiuse platform, that provides relevant data on tariffs and related information in standardized formats for supporting the individual needs of airline pricing policy.

Sirena -Travel CJSC  ( is a leading  Russian provider  of complex solutions for  distribution of  air transportation.
Solutions of "Sirena-Travel" are used by more than 175 airlines, 500 agencies (excluding sub-agency networks), 160 airports in Russia, CIS and abroad. More than 18 000 terminals of travel agencies and airlines are connected to Sirena-Travel GDS through 7000 air tickets sales locations in Russia, CIS and abroad, ensuring nearly 500 agencies flight reservations and sales. 
"Sirena-Travel" is IATA Strategic Partner.
Sirena-Travel CJSC is accredited for selling air tickets on "neutral" forms of Transport Clearing House (TCH*) and has IATA certification for BSP Russia, Ukraine ,  Germany .

Sirena Travel

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