Sirena-Travel and Travelport organised for Russian, CIS and foreign airlines conference on distribution technologies

On 17-20 September, 2013 in Vipiteno (Italy) by companies Sirena-Travel and Travelport  was held the II International Conference for air carriers of Sirena-Travel"and Travelport: "New possibilities for distribution and airlines revenue growth". "Organization of the event was supported by the company Hahn Air.
In the conference took part  more than 60  participants, among them about 30 representatives from 19 Russian airlines as well as from CIS and other foreign airlines: "Aeroflot", "UTair", "Siberia", "VIM-Avia", "Orenair", "Ural airlines ", AZAL, Atlasjet Airlines and others. 
At the conference were the key product's developers of  "Sirena-Travel"
 for direct communication with customers.
The conference program included a review of main trends in distribution of air transportation, as well as key products offered by "Sirena-Travel" and Travelport for  resource management, distribution, sales optimization and revenue growth.
Marina Volodina, the commercial director Sirena-Travel CJSC, opened the conference and presented the main achievements of the company, its main products, announced the programm of the conference. In particular, M. Volodina noted that  inventory system "Sirena-2000" hosts the resources  of more than 50 Russian and foreign airlines.
Passengers and baggage departure control syste, "Astra"  installed nowdays in 160 airports in Russia, CIS and foreign countries. The rate of bookings through Sirena-Travel GDS continue growths and leave behind the market rate. A similar dynamic of growth can be marked for the charter,  what consist to date  42%. By the end of 2013, Sirena-Travel CJSC is planning to achieve more than 32 million of booked segments. Status of a strategic partner of IATA contribute the success of Sirena-Travel CJSC, what enables  the  new opportunities to participate in the development of the global aviation industry.
Robin Ranken, director of Travelport for suppliers in Europe. noted the latest trends in the airline distribution, steadily rising position of Sirena-Travel and Travelport in GDS market in Russia (in particular, in view of the joint project company - "Sirena-Travel International"), presented the priority products of Travelport, available in Russia and worldwide.
At the conference Sirena-Travel for the first time presented its comprehensive management airlines platform  - Leonardo. PSS Leonardo (Passenger Service System) aims to provide the traveler all the possible services available to the airline, at any time and anywhere in the world. During the conference to the participants were presented the concept and architecture of Leonardo, as well as the individual components of the system - the latest inventory system Leonardo.Inventory and revenue management system Leonardo.Revenue, already well-known Russian airlines for the successful introduction and signed contracts.
II International Conference "Sirena-Travel" and Travelport ​within three days of presentations provided the participants with relevant information, recommendations for improvements of distribution. Participation in the conference gave an opportunity to re-evaluate a potential in order to improve the air service and passenger service in their regions.
"In 2013, we were convinced that chosen format of conference received a recognition among air carriers and  has an increasing interest - said Marina Volodina,  commercial director of  Sirena-Travel CJSC. - This time, the conference was held in cooperation with Travelport  within our global partnerships. It is increased the number of delegates members in 15%.  We managed to organize a unique business club - the business aviation community, what is not comparable with any of the conferences. This format, is recognized by the delegates, we will continue to develop and  make it more informative, practical and extremely useful for customers. Hopefully, over time, thanks to the participants and partners, we can bring the event to the level of "mandatory" for key managers in airlines, responsible for commerce, distribution and profitability."
"Travelport has already many years experience in cooperation  with Sirena-Travel CJSC, provider of distribution technologies in Russia. Due the success of our project we are pleased to continue the cooperation with air carriers, - said Juri Cheresov, Travelport'sHead of Airline Services for Russia and CIS. In the Russian market is difficult to find a similar industry events, where take part the experts of leading airlines, not only Russian.  Such meetings provide a more accurate assessment of the most current trends in the market, to be in direct contact with the customers to know better their needs and move forward together. "

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