KrasAvia received the international IATA code

The KrasAvia airline has been assigned the international IATA code*, which will allow it to carry out not only domestic, but also international transportation. Prior to this, KrasAvia used the EC code for flights within Russia, now the two-character designation KV will be used with the ability to operate foreign flights. The need to change the code is related to the airline's plans to operate regular international flights.

IATA codes are an integral part of aviation and are required to identify an airline, its destinations and shipping documents. They are also fundamental to the smooth operation of the hundreds of electronic applications that have been built around these coding systems for passenger and freight transport purposes. One of these is the Airline Designator Code, a designation code that airlines must use for booking, scheduling, telecommunications, ticketing, cargo documentation, legal, fare and/or other commercial/transportation purposes.

Company info:
KrasAvia JSC is a regional airline based in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The aircraft fleet of the airline is 50 aircraft, including 2 ATR 72-500, 5 ATR 42-500, 3 An-24 aircraft, 4 An-26 aircraft, as well as L-410, Yak-42, Mi-8T, Mi- 8MTV-1.
The airline's route network includes more than 30 destinations, both within the Krasnoyarsk Territory (from Krasnoyarsk to Tura, Baikit, Vanavara, Igarka, Svetlogorsk, Turukhansk, Severo-Yeniseisk and other settlements), and connecting the Territory with neighboring regions (Krasnoyarsk - Barnaul, Kemerovo , Lensk, Novokuznetsk, Nizhneangarsk, Kyzyl, Tomsk, Gorno-Altaisk, etc.)

* International Air Transport Association,
IATA (International Air Transport Association, abbr. IATA) is an international non-governmental organization. The headquarters is located in Montreal (Canada). The European Center is in Geneva (Switzerland). The association has 120 offices around the world. IATA is the primary mechanism for collaboration between airlines to promote safe, reliable and cost-effective air travel for the benefit of the world's consumers.
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