Sirena is a sponsor of the Digital Aviation & Travel Forum

Digital Aviation & Travel Forum is the leading communication platform in the field of innovative technologies in civil aviation and travel industry.

Sirena has been a participant in this event for many years. This year Sirena will be one of the sponsors of event.

The Forum's program is focused on digital technologies for searching, selling and organizing travel in the new conditions that have developed in the world.

Topics of presentations by the leading experts of the aviation and tourism industry at the Forum will be the most pressing issues of the new reality:

— What is happening and what will happen to the air transportation market?

— How are sales systems and distribution channels being transformed?

— What digital technologies and IT solutions are most in demand?

— What should the travel community focus on?

During the entire event, a networking zone will be available, allowing, as never before, in-demand personal meetings and business negotiations within the professional community.

Sirena is a leading Russian supplier of information technologies for the transport industry, a leader in the distribution of aviation services.

The company develops solutions and products to automate the business processes of airlines, airports and transportation sales agencies. Sirena reservation system includes flights of both CIS air carriers and foreign air carriers.

The range of Sirena's solutions includes booking and selling flights via the Internet, services for obtaining statistics, managing a sub-agency network, and selling non-aviation services. Sirena is a strategic partner of IATA. More details on the website

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