SHIRAK AVIA has implemented Leo PSS

SHIRAK AVIA, the air carrier of the Republic of Armenia and Sirena announce the beginning of a long-term cooperation.

To improve operational efficiency and develop customer service, SHIRAK AVIA will use the Leo PSS passenger service system. Thanks to the close cooperation of Sirena specialists with the professional team of SHIRAK AVIA, the launch of the system into commercial operation was successfully completed on time.

The implementation of Leo PSS allows to automate the business processes of the air carrier and manage the sale of air tickets and additional services as efficiently as possible. The high level of sales from the beginning of the system operation indicates the demand for SHIRAK AVIA transportation in the aviation market.

Leo PSS solution complex is operated by more than 60 airlines using various business models in their commercial activities.

is a leading Russian supplier of information technologies for the transport industry, a leader in the distribution of aviation services.

The company develops solutions and products to automate the business processes of airlines, airports and transportation sales agencies. Sirena booking system not only presents flights of all air carriers in Russia and neighboring countries operating regular flights, but also foreign airlines are fully open for booking.

The range of Sirena's solutions includes booking and selling flights via the Internet, services for obtaining statistics, managing a sub-agency network and selling non-aviation services. Sirena is a strategic partner of IATA. More details on the web site

SHIRAK AVIA is an Armenian airline operating according to the classical model. The aircraft fleet consists of Boeing 737. SHIRAK AVIA LLC was registered in the Republic of Armenia in 2019.

In January 2021, SHIRAK AVIA LLC received an AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE number AM AOC 072 from the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia, which changed the status of SHIRAK AVIA LLC to an Airline.

In October 2022, SHIRAK AVIA received the REGULAR COMMERCIAL AIR SERVICES CERTIFICATE number 04 from the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia, which allows the airline to operate regular flights to 12 destinations.

In 2022, IATA assigned the 5G code to SHIRAK AVIA.

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