Utair launches flights to Yerevan from Sochi and Tyumen

In November, Utair will launch two new flights to Yerevan - from Sochi and Tyumen. At the moment, the nearest cities to Tyumen, from where a direct flight to Yerevan is possible, are Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. The airline will also continue to fly to the capital of Armenia from Moscow.

“Utair has always operated passenger flights to Yerevan before the pandemic.And even during the period of limited air traffic, we did not stop flights to Armenia, performing important flights to connect our countries. By agreement with the aviation authorities, in November we are introducing new routes to Yerevan - from Sochi and Tyumen, as well as continuing flights on the Yerevan-Moscow route, ”commented Oleg Semyonov, President of Utair - Passenger Airlines.

The airline plays a key role in providing passenger and cargo transportation in the regions of Russia, especially in the hard-to-reach regions of the North, and also makes a decisive contribution to air transport support for the exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons in Western and Eastern Siberia.

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