Sirena held a partner seminar in Kazakhstan

Sirena company together with its partners - Qazaq Air, Air Astana, Scat, Aeroflot, Belavia and TCH Central Asia - held a seminar in Kazakhstan in the city of Alma-Ata, dedicated to the sale of air transportation and additional services through Sirena-Travel GDS.

The seminar was held on May 25 and brought together 47 listeners from 27 agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was attended by the official representative of "Kazakhstan Tourist Association" (KTA).

sirena held a partner seminar in kazakhstan

The main topics were the advantages of "Sirena" in the market of Kazakhstan and a new anti-crisis proposal for agencies to reduce costs and increase profits.

In its report, Qazaq Air spoke about the introduction of a new tariff program Business Pass - a business pass, and a representative of Air Astana presented a new charter program of the company.

A representative of the TCH Central Asia presented new opportunities for agents.

As part of its presentation, Aeroflot informed about plans to use biometric technologies starting next year, allowing them to check-in and board a flight without presenting a passport, and also acquainted the participants with the results of pilot testing of these technologies at the Kaliningrad airport.

During the report, Belavia spoke about the replenishment of the airline's aircraft fleet with a new generation aircraft - Embraer 195-E2.

A lively discussion among the participants of the seminar ensued during the discussion of the Graphic terminal of the GDS “Prosto!”.

The participants noted the importance of this seminar, noting that the organizers managed not only to form an interesting and rich program of the event, but also to attract a fairly large number of specialists to participate. Along with gaining new knowledge, the participants were able to share their own experience during the discussion and exchange of views, and also received answers to their professional questions.

All the participants emphasized the importance of personal contacts with colleagues against the background of a general lack of face-to-face communication.

A pleasant surprise for the participants was the drawing of memorable souvenirs from Hahn Air, Belavia, TCH Central Asia and Sirena.

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