Smartavia has completely switched to a new brand

Smartavia Airlines celebrates 2 years from the moment of rebranding, which allowed switching to a fundamentally new smart philosophy, introducing the latest technologies, and increasing the efficiency and recognition of the company.

“It was a productive 24 months of work, when in a relatively short time we managed to make an important step forward in all directions from a complete renewal of the aircraft fleet to the transition to the next level of passenger service,” said Sergey Savostin, CEO of Smartavia.

For half of that time, the airline was operating amid a global crisis for the entire aviation industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the company was able to show good results of work thanks to an integrated approach to management.

In connection with the completion of the rebranding process, the airline's shareholders made a decision to completely switch to a new brand and change the airline's corporate name to the Joint Stock Company (JSC) Smartavia Airlines, using the Smartaivia trademark.

Currently, Smartavia operates in the format of the first low-cost smart carrier in Russia, which implies affordable transportation, when the passenger himself can choose additional services at his will for an additional fee, for example, seat selection, in-flight meals, etc. At the same time, the format is based on attention and care for each passenger and employee of the company, reliability in terms of flight safety and the provision of services in full according to the tariff.

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