IrAero opened sales for flights to Sochi for 2021

IrAero Airlines has started selling tickets for flights Irkutsk - Barnaul (Altai Territory) - Sochi (Adler) for the summer of 2021. Flights will be operated on Wednesdays and Sundays, the operating period is from May 26 to October 3, 2021.

“We hope that the epidemic situation will stabilize in 2021,” noted the opening of sales Nikolay Bessonov, press secretary of the IrAero airline. - Last summer showed that this direction is in great demand, despite the difficult situation with the coronavirus. That is why we have already opened sales. For our part, we guarantee the implementation of all preventive measures, in addition to this, we provide passengers with the opportunity to purchase insurance against COVID-19 infection, which is valid for 14 days after the flight.

Since 2015, IrAero has been a user of the multifunctional platform PSS Leonardo, a modern complex for managing the airline's commercial activities developed by Sirena. The full-scale implementation of all PSS Leonardo components in IrAero's business processes has expanded the company's business opportunities and ensured integration with other systems.

You can get acquainted with the schedule in more detail, clarify the time, cost and purchase tickets on the website
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