Zhezkazgan Air implemented PSS system "Leonardo"

Sirena, a leading Russian provider of technological solutions for air transport, announced that the Kazakh airline Zhezkazgan-Air has launched a passenger service system - Leo PSS.

Using the capabilities of Leo PSS, Zhezkazgan Air has introduced into its business processes the booking and sale of passenger air transportation using the global distribution system Sirena-Travel, as well as the management of the schedule and resource of seats in the Leonardo inventory system. The airline switched to electronic ticketing and launched passenger and baggage check-in at DCS Аstra.

Based on the software developed by Sirena, Zhezkazgan Air began to efficiently manage the passenger capacity, document and control the process of ticket sales and automate revenue accounting, as well as collect reports.

ZhezkazganAir will be able not only to develop an agent sales network, but also to introduce marketing ideas by analyzing demand, thereby implementing a program to increase its presence in the air transportation market and improve the quality of passenger service.
Operation of basic Leo PSS solutions will allow Zhezkazgan Air to confidently plan the implementation of E-commerce solutions in the future.

Airline "Zhezkazgan Air" - founded in 1996, is a regional air carrier of Kazakhstan, performs intraregional regular routes, as well as charter flights in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. The main goal of the airline is to create a route network between different regions of Kazakhstan.
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