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Mixvel is a platform for the travel industry that aims to combine all travel services in one tool, in one business process. Modern travelers have become more independent, they purchase services through different channels, with different booking depths. Our tool will allow you to manage the business process of selling from one point for any channel, for any type of trip, for any direction.

Mixvel is more than an aggregator of services, we integrate analytics and automated decision making (business rules) tools into our platform. The platform includes mechanisms for analyzing touchpoints of business with clients, which allows you to go beyond search queries on a website or metasearch engine and work with context, as well as with the history of previous searches and client interactions with the agency. This approach will allow you to “reach out” to each customer with a personalized offer, which will increase the conversion to purchases.

Based on this information, the system will be able to offer the most relevant content, packaged for the specifics of its display at a given moment. So for a client who has been searching for a long time, the system will show the agency a calendar of prices and a forecast of their changes in the future, for a short banner on the network - one, two, three short flight offers with the maximum conversion probability, and for a client who is planning complex logistics - screen with great details of flight options and all services included in it. The search results in the system change according to the agency's needs at a given moment to bring new income.

Mixvel - API NDC+

The air travel market is changing rapidly. Traditional carrier business models are under pressure from low-cost airlines to offer a more flexible passenger revenue model. The most important trend, the hottest word in a modern airline is NDC. Many airlines are switching to this format and some major carriers are even introducing special fees in other channels to speed up the migration of sales to NDC.

However, at Mixvel, we believe that NDC integration is a huge infrastructure complication for the agency. Each direct contract for NDC is its own link with the new system, which means the costs for development, testing and support. Even though NDC is a standard protocol, each airline customizes it for their own needs and business processes. This means that each new integration will not be like the previous one.

Mixvel offers agencies a tool to reduce these costs. Mixvel can work for you as an NDC Aggregator, taking over all the tasks of connecting and maintaining links with each airline. We integrate the search, registration and execution of secondary operations into a single process so that you only need to make one integration with us via the NDC protocol to get all the content that is available to you on direct stocks.

For each of your search queries we will ask airlines about the availability of relevant offers in this direction and give you all of them in one message. The built-in SERP management tools allow you to customize content priority, stop lists and docking needs to maximize the relevance of the search results to your current business needs.

With the help of NDC + technology you will receive all the content that is available to you, regardless of the flow and technical features of connecting through one channel in one interface. This technology supports both online work using the NDC + protocol and offline work through the Mixvel platform workstation.

Multimodality and virtual interlines

The distinctive feature of Mixvel from other platforms is its multimodality technology. Using this approach, it is possible to find transportation options that are composed by combining into one route those carriers between whom there is no interline agreement; moreover, it is possible to include options from several carriers of different types in one route. Air, railway, buses, transfers, car rental, small aircraft - any content that supports the sale using online technologies can be included in the Mixvel search engine and combined with other transportation options to create an ideal route for your client.

Multimodal linking allows you to gain a competitive advantage over others in search results. Firstly, they can be used to find cheaper options for connecting trips. As part of NDC technology, many airlines are moving to dynamic pricing. Prices change online every minute, and with them profitable transfer options change. Our search engine analyzes all this data to find the cheapest transportation option now.

Secondly, the use of multimodal search algorithms can greatly expand the geography of coverage. Some cities do not have an airport, and some have a choice of airports, some of which may not be tied to the city but may be an hour or two away by bus, for example. Expansion of delivery gives passengers choice and greater freedom of movement.

We will always be glad to meet you! If we combine our efforts and engage the passenger to create their individual preferences, we will create an unforgettable journey for everyone.

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