Aeroexpress Inc. and Sirena-Travel JSC signed a cooperation agreement, which enabled Aeroexpress tickets sales through the leading Russian distribution system Sirena-Travel GDS.

Now the travel agents using Sirena-Travel GDS, will be able to book also rail e-tickets for high speed comfortable trains Aeroexpress, which connect the center of Moscow with the city airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo and allow passengers to get on time and with comfort. Cooperation with Sirena-Travel JSC is the next step in the development of Aeroexpress Inc. distribution network.

The passenger receives an electronic itinerary receipt with an individual two-dimensional bar code, which is much faster and easier than purchasing tickets at one of Aeroexpress booking offices. With this itinerary receipt he goes directly to the coach and takes a seat according to the ticket class.

The advantages of MySirena-Aeroexpress service are the simplicity of the system operation, booking tickets for Aeroexpress in economy and business classes, the possibility to purchase children ticket and group bookings (2 to 9 tickets in one purchase order).

Aeroexpress ticketing through Sirena-Travel GDS is implemented with the help of a single button on the toolbar. Choosing the option Aeroexpress will open a simple context menu with a selection of travel options. The operator just needs to select the day of travel, direction, the booking class and the required number of tickets. The itinerary receipt can be printed out or emailed to the customer. 

Further information on the conditions and the procedure of activating the Aeroexpress ticketing service is available for all Sirena-Travel GDS agents through the integrated system of information alerts.

Connection to the service
To conclude with TCH an agreement for additional services sales (rail e-tickets for high speed comfortable trains Aeroexpress).

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