Payment for additional services at check-in

Thanks to improvements in the passenger and baggage check-in system, Sirena offers a universal solution for paying for additional airline services at the airport check-in counter.
The employee at the check-in desk receives information about the cost of services directly to the DCS terminal. Payment for services is made at an external POS-terminal with external processing. The passenger will only have to attach a bank card to the payment terminal.

Convenience for passengers
Urgent issuing of transportation of oversized hand luggage or excess baggage will be realized without loss of time for applying to a specialized cash desk and waiting in queues.

Sales increase
New DCS features help increase business efficiency. Airlines may offer and sell additional services to passengers that were not previously issued prior to arrival at the airport.

Ease of use
During the registration process, the DCS terminal interacts with the GDS server and receives information about the cost of the selected services. The employee at the registration desk enters the amount to be paid to the payment terminal. The system provides an EMD (electronic multi-purpose document) printout on the boarding pass form.
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