Leonardo PSS

Advantages of Leonardo PSS in comparison with international analogues

  • A wide range of available PSS-solutions built according to IATA standards and the principle of "plug and play"
  • Free consulting and free training (initial or subsequent)
  • Fast training, which does not require highly qualified personnel (thanks to the intuitive graphic interface")
  • High susceptibility to user requests for system development, mostly free.

The main distinguishing features of the inventory system Leonardo

  • Automation of many processes on account of business rules, which drastically reduces the number of routine manual operations
  • Independent scheduling and resource management
  • Developed quoting of booking classes, coupled with three algorithms for calculating the availability of seats
  • Automated passenger ticket revalidation while transfer
  • Easy access to any incoming or outgoing intersystem message (types A and B), system data or history of any action in the system
  • Intelligent queue filtering mechanisms that simplify their processing
  • Absence of a one-time (linking) or regular (traffic types A / B) payments when connecting to GDS
  • Unlimited number of switchable working windows / bookmarks
  • Booking and any of their elements are available for viewing / changing in inventory module

System Components

The Leonardo PSS core is Leonardo's inventory system, which consists of a number of standard business processes with the highest degree of automation.

Inventory system provides:

  • flight schedule management
  • flight resource management
  • passenger transfer management
  • sales management.
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