Graphic Terminal "Web.Point"

Graphic Terminal enables reservations of air transportation and ticket for scheduled and charter flights in specialized friendly intuitive web-interface.

The main functionality:
  • The whole content of air carries resourсes in sole agent interface;
  • Easy installation and operating;
  • Operation in any chosen sessions;
  • Selling air tickets on scheduled and charter flights;
  • No command entries, operating possible for any levels of staff qualifications;
  • Prompt access to all relevant functions;
  • Convenient search tools with tooltips.
  • Connecting to the Graphic Terminal for scheduled flights booking
Connection to the service

In order to connect the Graphic Terminal "Web.Pointer" service, the airline needs to:

  • sign an Agreement and Supplementary Agreement with Sirena-Travel CJSC.

To require the contract draft Airline should contact Sirena-Travel contracts department:
Tel.: +7 (495) 940-61-40,
Fax: +7(495) 782-01-54(64),

  • send the name and contact details for connection responsible person;
  • install Sirena-Travel Terminal.

In signing the Agency Agreement, Sirena-Travel CJSC offers a range of terminals, from which the agent can choose technology addresses, and needs to send a request to IATA BSP, or Airlines for registration in the required session. The code of sales location will therefore be assigned by the settlement system or by the airlines.

Then Sirena-Travel technical service will send a Sirena-Travel GDS terminal emulator to the address provided by the Agent.

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