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The latest mobile solution will ensure the sale and payment of additional airline services directly at the airport both before and after check-in for a flight during boarding.
The sale of the service is carried out using a mobile cash desk (aQsi-5 device) according to the “three in one” principle: the device simultaneously performs the functions of issuing the service, receiving payments, fiscalizing banking operations, followed by printing on the cash register receipt and EMD (electronic multi-purpose document) with security fully automated processing.

Sales increase
The mobile solution was developed in response to the requests of airlines, dictated by the desire to increase the profitability of commercial activities. Now sales opportunities for additional services can be significantly expanded.

Full automation of processes
An Android web application is installed at the ticket office, which searches for a passenger by scanning the route receipt and boarding pass. Thus, the airline employee will be able to arrange the service and accept payment at almost any point in the airport from the check-in counter to the boarding gate.
The application is designed to work on the terminals of the aQsi 5 online cash desk (hereinafter referred to as the cash register) based on the operating system Android 7.0 and later.
For successful authorization in the application, the operator must have remote access to the GDS with access to Astra DSC resources.

The main functions of the application:
  • search for nearby flights with access to passenger lists on them;
  • scanning of a boarding pass or itinerary receipt;
  • adding additional services to the order;
  • payment by plastic cards;
  • statement of payment receipt and EMD on purchased services.

The service registration process consists of the following steps:
  • operator authorization;
  • search for a passenger to whom services will be provided;
  • selection and addition of services to the order;
  • acceptance of payment for the order;
  • printing and issuing to a passenger documents: EMD, slip and fiscal receipt.

Convenience for passengers
Urgent issuing of transportation of oversized hand luggage or excess baggage will be realized without loss of time for applying to a specialized cash desk and waiting in queues.
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