Leo CRM is a system for managing customer relationships and improving the quality of the implementation of airline services.
The system automates passenger loyalty management processes by collecting and storing information about the client, his preferences and the history of interaction with him.

Leo CRM helps to build a competent dialogue with passengers by providing them with a high level of service.
Recorded data about the client and his preferences allow the airline to make personalized offers, thereby "retaining" and "developing" its passenger, expanding the scope of services offered.

A passenger who receives a personalized offer for a significant event or a notification reminding him of check-in times or the need for another action before or after the flight feels like a VIP client of the airline.

System interface
The Leo CRM system interface is simple and intuitive for the user.

Collecting information for building a "Passenger Profile"
The system automatically generates a "Passenger Profile" by loading his data into a personal card from the Leo PSS Inventory System, ETS Electronic Ticket Server and DCS Astra (Departure Control System "Astra").
If necessary, add additional information about the passenger to the profile Leo CRM will allow you to manually add to the card.

The system accumulates information about the client and forms a consolidated profile, including:
  • personal information about the passenger;
  • the number of flights made;
  • total cost of air tickets;
  • information about wishes and interests;
  • preferences for flights, service classes, seats in the cabin, additional services;
  • participation in loyalty programs;
  • data on payments for tickets and services, exchanges and refunds.

Creation of groups of passengers
The system allows you to combine passengers into groups by creating both simple and complex integration rules, for example: by destination or cost.

The creation of groups of passengers can be done at different levels:
  • order,
  • segment,
  • on the ticket coupon.

Leo CRM capabilities allow you to group customers according to their importance to the company and determine their rank.
The functions of the system provide maintenance of the history of actions and automatic segmentation of passenger profiles according to the parameters specified by the airline.
Thus, the passenger receives a personalized service.

Personal offers and promotional codes
Promo codes can be assigned to a passenger automatically after determining his rank after grouping according to the specified parameters. This gives the passenger the opportunity to receive a truly personalized discount or benefit.
The promo code is filed in the tariff system, and it also checks for its availability.
Leo CRM allows you to create truly personalized offers, which increases passenger loyalty and stimulates their interest in the airline's offers, fares and additional services.
Focusing on the needs of the passenger increases the competitiveness and efficiency of the carrier's commercial activities.

Passenger notification
The passenger is notified automatically using the function of sending by e-mail or SMS.
The airline can determine any events for which it is necessary to send messages and independently configure automatic sending of messages.

The file with the generated report can be uploaded from the system in WORD, EXCEL or PDF format.

  • Automatic formation of the database;
  • Automatic segmentation of passenger profiles according to the specified parameters;
  • Creation of individual offers using promotional codes available to both all passengers and selected groups;
  • Using specialized templates for sending messages;
  • Automatic sending of messages with information on flights, promotions and personal offers to selected passengers or groups of passengers.
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