Railway transportation

Sirena-Travel, JSC, provider of technology solutions, offers to their customers to sell carries of "Russian Railways" on the territory of Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.

Arrangement of railway tickets is implemented through a separate buttons in a toolbar Sirena-Travel GDS. By calling the option "Russian Railways", the operator works with intuitive graphical window with a choice of travel options. Data presentation provides high efficiency of information processing by the operator.

The module functional provides agencies with complete list of features and additional options for the sale of railway transportations. For convenience in operation the cashiers have fields autocomplete option and reference data: file cabinets of departure / destination points, help information, the layout of train carriage, normative documents and Federal Lows of the Railway in Russian Federation.

Depending on level access, the agency receive the appropriate information on sold tickets: cashiers - only on their sales, supervisor - on a whole agency. The agency orders reporting is formed by supervisor using the graphics window "Russian Railways" of the terminal Sirena-Travel GDS.


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