Online booking system Oxygen

Sirena-Travel CJSC presents a booking module - Oxygen. Oxygen – is a web-system of B2C classes, which can be used by agencies and airlines for creation of web store on their sites in to sell air transportation and other services to the customers.
Designed as a B2C product, the booking moduleincludesB2Bsolution. Booking module  Oxygen replaced long time successfully used booking engine FORS, the module of the previous generation. Oxygen is successfully operated by hundreds of sites, both Agencies and Airline company.

Booking and purchase of air transportation are performed in Sirena-Travel GDS. The system provides access to the content of Galileo GDS.

Sirena-Travel GDS uses the sessions principle as a binding of agent sales to the certain settlement system. The purchasing through Oxygen allows ticketing in the sessions: TCH, BSP, Airlines.

Our Module has become more convenient and intuitive as for the customer, who visits the website in searching a ticket as for the agency administrator, providing simple, easy-to-use tools to customize the site.
The new functionsof the module:
  • Automatic exchanges;
  • Automatic refunds, as well as the option to form the refund request;
  • Reward tickets issuance in integration with the loyalty program of the airline;
  • The ability to edit the rules of tariffs application as displayed for user text;
  • Corporate mode of operation.
The administration module provides the following configuration blocks:
  • Customizable color schemes and fonts;
  • Customizable forms, elements, styles;
  • Module's functionality management by using the settings parameters;
  • Ability to edit all aliases;
  • Ability to create any language locale;
  • Viewing of orders information, created in the web-site and option to per form various operations with the orders;
  • User management of booking module.
The module provides several additional features for user's convenience, that facilitate the purchasing, namely:
  • Reprint the route-receipts, insurance policies "Alfa Insurance", tickets of "Aeroexpress" (or sending documents to e-mail);
  • Help system for working with module: context-sensitive help, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), option to send a question to the website administrator;
  • Registration in online store and Personal account. In Personal account user can view information about his orders, save his data and data of others passengers, and then use this data to automatically fields filling by tickets purchasing, generate and download booking reports in MS Excel format.
Purchase of tickets is performed just in four steps:
  1. Searching of options and optimal air tariff (available all relevant types of searches: simple, multi-segment and flexible + / - 3 days);
  2. Entering data on passengers (data upload is available from personal account);
  3. Choosing of additional services (meals, ticket for „ Aeroexpress“, an insurance policy of the company „Alfa Insurance“ if the air transportation proceed from Moscow);
  4. Order Payment (Methods of payment: cash, non-cash payments, bank card, through the payment system „Rapida“, offices of „Euroset“ and shops „Svyaznoj“).

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