Insurance of passengers

"Sirena-Travel" continues to improve its content of online booking and offers to agencies complex solution and effective tools for sales in virtual office. Thus, in the list of additional services particularly actual has become the service of carrier’s insurance provided by the "Alfa Insurance".
Selling of insurance in combination with air transportation gives a significant benefit for agencies. It is an easy and available way to increase profits by providing a competitive advantage in the market of air transportation sales.

Using a processing system "MyPayments",  developed by  "Sirena-Travel",  policies of "Alfa Insurance" can be paid on the agency's website in different methods. The proposed list includes all current methods of payment: credit cards, electronic money ("Yandex", Webmoney), cash in the network "Euroset", "Svyaznoj" or through a network of payments system "Elexnet", "Cyberplat", "Unistream "," Contact " and others.Reporting on sold insurance is available on the website of statistics "Sirena-Travel", as a report of processing system, as well as by using of XML-service "Online ticket."

If as an additional payment service the agency uses processing system "MyPayments" of JSC "Sirena-Travel", to arrange the payment by bank plastic cards you need to sign the contract with JSC "Sirena-Travel" and JSC "KOKK". To arrange the payments by payment systems contract between JSC "Sirena-Travel" and payment service provider, chosen by your company.

Fee for implementation and operation of the service "insurance online" is included in the monthly recurring fees for the using of solutions of "Sirena-Travel".

The average implementation period is 15-30 days, during which between the insurer and the customer agrees the policy format and offers and on the side of JSC "Sirena-Travel" are performed the settings for e-shop of the customer.


To connect to the service, you must sign the Agreement with Alfa Insurance.

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