The reservations web pages of your website can be located both on a customer's technical resources and on the process platform Sirena-Travel. In the latter case, Sirena-Travel guarantees high availability and high quality support for your internet service. This is optional service available for additional charge. 

Advantages of hosting services:
  •  Powerful server: high processing speed,
  •  Lack of communication problems in interaction with Sirena-Travel GDS
  •  Two independent Internet providers, which increases the service availability 
  •  Our support: software configuration, availability monitoring 
  •  Updated versions at client discretion: automatic installation or on request
  •  No need for equipment purchase
  •  Cost saving on employees payment,  who are a specialists in applied technology
  •  Skilled staff of  Sirena-Travel JSC.
For connection to the service you have to:
  • sign an amendment to Agency Agreement with Sirena-Travel CJSC for hosting the web-pages of booking system "FORS"
  • send the document to Sirena-Travel contracts department:
Tel.: +7 (495) 940-61-40
Fax: +7(495) 782-01-54(64)
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